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Posted by estelgrace Saturday, September 13, 2008

  • This post contains CSJH the Grace videos such as music videos, performance, radio shows, SMTOWN videos and other related video.
  • We cannot guarantee that the list is complete because we're just started uploading and there's a lot more videos to be posted and we will upload them as much as we can in the shortest time. Do check back to see if we put up anything new everyday.
  • You can download subbed stuff by GracefulSubs over Elegance Forum. Do register there and become an active member. Unfortunately, Korean subbing team UNSPK: will not allow their releases to be uploaded elsewhere.
  • If you guys want to provide us with videos that are not on the list, feel free to email one of us or just leave a comment here. Those are soooo welcome ^^
  • For easier search click CTRL + F on your keyboard and a search bar will come out and you can type in whatever you wanted to find and the result will be shown if the file exist.
  • Titles marked (ENG) means it has English Subtitles.
  • The [HQ] [MQ] [LQ] is the download link for the files. it indicates the quality of the file:
    [HQ] - High Quality
    [MQ] - Medium Quality
    [LQ] - Low Quality
  • The [Watch] links allows you to watch the file clips, and you can decide whether it's worth it or not for download. Most [Watch] links come from YouTube.
  • If you see files with [oo1. oo2. oo3], that means the files has been split into smaller sizes (as some servers don't allow big files to be uploaded in one go). All you need is to download HJSplit and you need to download all the files [001. 002 etc] and join them using HSplit. And that's it. But some are RAR files which mean you need to have WINRAR to open them.
  • Remember that Eternal Shapley Rules apply STRICTLY for this section. Please make sure you follow them. Thank you.
  • We're still in process of crediting, so please bear with us.

Predebut showcase (2004) [LQ]
Too Good - Debut Stage (01/05/05) [HQ]
Too Good+Talk+Boomerang @ HaeByungDae (04/08/05) [LQ-MQ]
Too Good - KBS (16/08/05) wearing boomerang outfit [MQ]

Boomerang - MBC Korea Music Festival (07/08/09) [HQ]

CSJH vs SS501 - Dance battle MBC (17/09/05) [MQ]

Dancing Queen (chipmunk acapella) -cut from Star king 03/06/07 [HQ]

My Everything - Inkigayo (5/11/06) [HQ]
My Everything - Music Bank (01/07/07) [HQ]
My Everything + My heart beating inside - Special Stage with Paran (28/01/07) [MQ]

Dreams Come True - A Live [MQ]

One more time ok & Heartbreak - Special Comeback Stage SBS (06/05/07) [HQ]
One more time ok - Mcountdown 10/05/07 [MQ]
One more time ok - SBS (13/05/07) [HQ]
One more time ok - Live show rank (01/06/07) [HQ]
One more time ok - M! Countdown (07/06/07) [HQ]
One more time ok - M! Countdown [Winning mutizen] (07/06/07) [HQ]
One more time ok - Inkigayo (13/06/07) [HQ]
One more time ok - Winning Inkigayo (17/06/07) [MQ]
One more time ok - Show Music Tank (26/06/07) [HQ]
One more time ok & My Everything - Music Bank (01/07/07) [HQ]
One more time ok & Heartbreak - Show Music Tank [HQ]

Heartbreak (black outfit) - Special Comeback Stage SBS (06/05/07) [MQ]
Heartbreak @ Radio show [MQ]

Girlfriends - All Star Performance (16/7/07) [HQ]
Girlfriends + MC - Show Music Tank (31/07/07) [HQ]

Dancer In the Rain - Mnet (30/08/07) [HQ]
Dancer in the rain & One More Time OK [MQ]
Festival (31/08/07) [HQ]

Love & U - SBS Gayo Daejun (29/12/07) [HQ]
Stephanie Dance Battle with Chae Yeon, Seo In young, Minwoo - SBS Gayo Daejun 29/12/07) [HQ]

Dream Concert 2007
CSJH the Grace - Intro @ Dream Concert 2007 [DL]
CSJH the Grace - One More Time, OK @ Dream Concert 2007 [DL]

IEF Concert
CSJH the Grace -One More Time, OK @ IEF [DL]
CSJH the Grace -Heartbreak @ IEF [DL]
CSJH the Grace -Girlfriends @ IEF [DL]
CSJH the Grace -Dancer In The Rain @ IEF [DL]

Taste vs Taste SBS Show - CSJH cut (31/07/05) [HQ]
Happy Friends (Dana & Stephanie Cut) [HQ]

Mnet School Of Rock (03/04/06)
HQ:- [001.] [002.] [003.] [004.]

CSJH The Grace - Energy (cut) 25/01/07 [HQ]

[Eng] CSJH on Pops In Seoul "Guess Who"

1000 Song Challenge - CSJH the Grace cut (03/12/06) [HQ]
1000 Song Challenge - CSJH the Grace cut (2007) [HQ]

CSJH The Grace StarWatch 19/05/07 (22 mins) [HQ]
Making of Star Watch episode 1 [HQ]
Making of Star Watch episode 2 [HQ]
Making of Star Watch episode 3 [HQ]
Making of Star Watch episode 4 [HQ]
Making of Star Watch episode 5 [HQ]

14/7/07 Jihwaza (ft Stephanie, FTTS, Tony, Nam Gyuri, etc)
HQ :- [001.] [002.] [003] [Watch]

[ENG] 27/08/07 Showbiz Extra - 500th special episode
HQ: - [001.] [002.] [003.] [004.]

Sunday Lip-sych to Faith (Acapella) [MQ]

Acapella Collection 05'-06 [MQ]
One More Time,OK -1st Korean Album Teaser Commercial [HQ]
Stephanie Moulin Rouge (Cut from KM Idol World 01/08/07) [HQ]
Rising Sun (Opera) & Oh No (Acapella) Cut from KM Idol World ep 5 [HQ]
Winning Mutizen fancam 1 [MQ]

CSJH celebrating their 3rd Anniversary
(rip from Dana CY) [LQ]
Xman - Stephanie Dance cut (0701040) [MQ]
Stephanie Teaches dance step for OMT,OK (22/06/07) [MQ]
Dan Mu Ji - Sunday Cut (14/12/05) [MQ]
The Trax- First Rain (27 mins MV) (starring Sangmi Lina) [MQ]
Lina ft 2soo @ 2soo concert [MQ]
CSJH the Grace - Baseball Games (cut) 24/07/07 [HQ]
Heartbreak fanmade MV [MQ]
One More Time, OK MV - Dana only [MQ]
One More Time, OK MV - Stephanie only [MQ]
One More Time, OK MV - Sunday only [MQ]
Recording festival [LQ]
Stephanie ballet (cut from X-Man) [MQ]
Sunday house cut (from Happy Days show) [HQ]
MNET 070719 女友 (Girlfriends) Rehearsal [MQ]

Graceful Party Vol. 1

Official Video from Stand Up People DVD
5 CM (Graceful Party Rip) [MQ] [Watch]
I'll Kiss You (Graceful Party Rip) [MQ] [Watch]
One More Time, OK (Graceful Party Rip) [MQ] [Watch]
Piranha (Graceful Party Rip) [MQ] [Watch]
Boomerang (Graceful Party Rip) [MQ] [Watch]
Graceful Party Full DVD rip [HQ] *new*
Graceful Party Extra Movie- Behind the Scenes [HQ (001.) (002.)]
[HQ: MF] *new*

HQ Graceful Party Vol.1 Fancams
One More Time, OK? [DL] [Watch]
5 cm (Lina fancam) [DL] [Watch]
I'll Kiss You (Lina fancam) [DL] [Watch]
Pardon Me [DL] [Watch]
What U Want (Stephanie) [DL] [Watch]
Rock 'n' Roll Star (Lina) [DL] [Watch]
Got To Be Real [DL] [Watch]
My Everything (Lina fancam) [DL] [Watch]

Talk + The Club @ MelodiX 18/03/06 [LQ]
Juicy Love - Live on Power Stage at A-NATION 2006 [DL] [Watch]
Boomerang - Rhythm Nation 2006 [MQ]
Boomerang - Live Opening Act at A-NATION 2006 [DL] [Watch]

Piranha - Live on Main Stage at A-NATION 2007 [HQ] [Watch]
One More Time, OK? - Live at Rhythm Nation 2007 [HQ] [Watch]

HERE - Live on NHK: Music Japan 10232008

[HQ .001 .002. .003 ] [Watch]
HERE - Live on NTV: Music Fighter 10252008

[HQ .001 .002 .003 .004 ] [ Watch ]
HERE - Live on TVTokyo: Gekkan MelodiX 10262008
[HQ .001 .002 .003 .004 ] [ Watch ]
HERE - Live on Fuji TV: Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ! 102708
[HQ] [Watch]
HERE - Live/Talk on TBS: R-Zero 102808

[HQ .001 .002 .003] [Watch - Live Talk ]

Channel-A - A-Nation 2007 Backstage [DL]
Channel-A - A-Nation 2007 Backstage (before performing) [HQ]
Channel-A -Tokyo Restaurant Visit (08/01/08) [LQ]
Channel-A -Stand Up People Revealed (05/06/08) [LQ]
Channel-A - Tokyo Shinjuku Face Live [LQ]

Channel-A - Graceful Party Vol. 1 Report [LQ]
Channel A - 112708 Tokyo Disney Resort's Ikspiari Christmas Tree Lighting Live [MQ]

Tenjochiki Official Site Comments
Comment on 11/06/08 [LQ]

[ENG] RZTV Inside Story - TSZX History (19/05/06) [HQ]

Otorico Talk Show (07/11/07)
PART 1 - [HQ -> (001.) (002.) (003.) (004.) (005.) (006.)]
PART 2 - [HQ]

MelodiX 2006 - Talk + The Club performance [HQ]
M! Countdown in Japan-Backstage Pass (06/05/06) [MQ]
MTV Juicy Love Review [HQ]
Japan Wave TV - MusiG [LQ]

A-NATION 2008 Backstage/Interview (Navi TV) [LQ]

[HEY!x3 - 27 Oct 2008] Tenjochiki and Cliff Edge - Talk
Fuji TV: Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ 102708 Full Show
[HQ .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009]

Tenjochiki - SSTV Music Up Date (20081028) [MQ --> (001.) (002.)]
Tenjochiki - Sendai Television "mashup! Sound King" [MQ]
credit: minami @ csjh-th

[Radio show]10/11 bay fm 「LaLaport MUSIC JAM Vol.23 [DL]
[Radio show]10/15 bay fm 「MUSIC GENERATION FROM K-WEST」 [DL]

credit: tenmai@soompi

[ENG] Tohoshinki - Bigeastation Ep.19 - Tenjochiki Interview (06/08/07) GOE-SS [HQ]

''HERE'' on Homeless Chukagusei Drama (cut) [DL]
Graceful Party Comment [DL]

Interview - Oricon Style with Cliff Edge [HQ] [Watch]

The Making of Subaru Movie [HQ: MF Folder] *new*

all of these are fancam but the audio quality is great!!
Catch the Shooting Star @ SM Live Shanghai 13/09/08 [MQ]
Lina & Jaejoong - Scars Deeper than love @ SM Live Shanghai [MQ]

Sohu Interview with TSZX The Grace: Before SM Town Live in Shanghai 09-13-2008
[DL] [Watch]


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