Posted by estelgrace Friday, September 12, 2008

  • This means, do not post direct link to the other site, you can download anything and reupload it but please do not hotlink.
2. Link to this blog instead of posting link somewhere else!!
  • Strictly NO taking out links out of this blog to post it in another forum/blog or other sharing site. If people asking where to get the goodies, please direct them here.

3. Give FULL CREDIT when taking out anything !!
  • Everyone deserve to be credited for their hard work and seriously people who just take away stuff without giving proper credit (or credit themselves instead) is totally low.
4. Do tell others about this site !!
  • Love this site? It helped you find all the stuff you wanted? You can help promote this site and that would make us happy.
5. Leaving a word of THANKS would be nice ^^
  • And of course we spend a lot of time doing this and you guys leaving words of encouragement will totally makes us feel supported and want to continue updating the blog as often. For those who leave us a message/comment thank you so much.

We used our free time just to make this and it does take a lot of time to do them. We don't want to be mad at anyone and to avoid that, please kindly follow those simple rules.
Thank you so much and enjoy!

-Eternal Shapley Archvies staff

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. ohh my good...*tears of joy*
    i'll definitely follow the rules! i know taking out something without crediting it means stealing!!

    pls do update the blog as frequent as possible!! i looovveee the girls too much, you know~
    i'm a new fan!^^




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