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Posted by tenjo*affinity Monday, September 22, 2008

  • This post is only for music videos, mv offshoot/behind the scene and official dvd releases.
  • Please DO NOT HOTLINK the links. As in the blog rules, do tell people who want the download links to come here instead.
  • Enjoy downloading. Don't forget to support them by buying their releases.

Too Good [HQ] [WATCH]
Can't help falling in love + Boomerang [HQ] [WATCH]
The Club feat. Rain [DL] [WATCH]
My Everything [MQ] [WATCH]
One More Time,OK [DL] [WATCH]
One More Time,OK (Close up version) [HQ - 001. 002 ] [Screencaps]
Dancer In The Rain [MQ] [WATCH]

Boomerang [DL] [WATCH]
The Club feat. SEAMO [HQ] [WATCH]
Sweet Flower [HQ] [WATCH]
Juicy Love feat. CORNHEAD [DL] [WATCH]
Piranha [HQ] [WATCH]
One More Time, OK? [HQ] [WATCH]
Stand Up People [MQ] [HQ (001) (002) (003)] [WATCH]
Here [MQ] [WATCH] *new*
Near ~thoughtful-1220~ [HQ] [WATCH] *new*
少しでいいから (Sukoshi De Ii Kara / A Bit of Good)
[HQ MF: (001) (002) (003) | MU | MP4] [WATCH] *new*

Too Good [HQ] [WATCH]

Sweet flower PV Offshoot [HQ]
The Club PV Offshoot [HQ]
Boomerang PV Offshoot [HQ]
One More Time, OK PV Offshoot [HQ]
Here MV Making [HQ] [Watch YT YH]


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. MusicGaru:

    Thank you very much for sharing ^-^
    I absolutely love Tenjochiki/The Graze ♥
    I really appreciate your effort!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. oh, i never know that there's the close up ver of hanbeondo, ok..??

    pls add the HQ ver of each video! i want to download all of them!! thx soo much for the hard work!!

    i know it's so hard to manage things like this.. yet your blog is beautiful managed!! love to stay here longer^^

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. queenyoshin24@youtube

    i love your site... i almost gave up looking for a blog/site that caters only for this amazingly gifted girls...

    hope you're site grows more and stays strong...

    thank you so much *bows*

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. hey there estelgrace!!!
    how's everything these days?
    it's me queenyoshin a.k.a kuarmaika24@youtube...

    i would like to contribute some files of the grace if you don't mind ^^ consists mostly of music videos in mp4 format and live performances that i've compiled...
    if you'll give the go signal i'll give you the links ^^

    take care good friend *huggles*

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. thank you for sharing. i seriously believe that tszx is on eof the best girl groups around ^___^
    much love

  11. laracubi Says:
  12. Does CSJH The Grace have any videos for sale???

    Maybe someone out there has an answer to this question...






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