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Posted by tenjo*affinity Monday, September 1, 2008

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  • Most files are in .mp3 format and are uploaded on server. If you have any trouble downloading any of the songs, tell us and we'll provide other links.
  • To open some files, you may need to download and install WinRAR (WinZip).
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Here (feat. Cliff Edge)
Near ~thoughtful·1220~
Stand Up People

Dear Friend
One More Time, OK? (Royal Mirrorball Mix)

Stand Up People (R. Yamaki's Original Version)

One More Time, OK?
Just For One Day (feat. JEJUNG of Tohoshinki) (Normal Edition)
Just For One Day (feat. JEJUNG of Tohoshinki) (Special Edition)
I’ll Kiss You
Sweet Flower
Get on the floor (feat. DOGMA)
The Club (feat. SEAMO)
Juicy LOVE (feat. CORNHEAD)
My Everything
I Don't Know What to Do

Coming to You

Lina - Rock 'n' Roll Star
Sunday - Do You Know?
Dana - Sayonara No Mukou Ni
Stephanie - What U Want
Stephanie - Everlasting Star (DJ Makai)

Vocals Only
My Everything
The Club

Do You Know?
Juicy Love
Sayonara No Mukou Ni
The Club
What U Want
Just for One Day
(Inst with Jaejoong)
Just for One Day
(Inst with Tenjochiki)
Sweet Flower
Rock 'n' Roll Star
Stand Up People
Dear Friend
My Everything
(feat. Cliff Edge)
Near ~thoughtful•1220~

One More Time, OK?

Girlfriend Interlude
Sweet Emotion
April Fool's Day
Dancer In The Rain
Not To Be
Just for One Day (feat. Kyuhyun of Super Junior)
Tonight Is On Me
Dancing Queen
My Everything (Passion)
My Everything (Passion) (Radio Edit Version)
The Club

The Final Sentence
IRIS (I have something to say)
Too Good
Your Smile

Sunday - Saranghago Issuh (Lovers OST)
Sunday - Angels (Rock Version) (Billy Jeans OST)
Dana - Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Billy Jeans OST)
Stephanie - What U Want

A capella
Can't Help Falling in Love
Dancing Queen

Too Good
Your Smile
The Club
What U Want
Angels (Rock Version)

My Sweet emotion (Inuyasha end theme)
Moonlight Legend Acapella Version *new*

Too Good

Too Good

SM Town Summer 2002 Album

Summer Vacation
(Dana & SMTown)
With 4 U

SM Town Winter 2002 Album

My Angel, My Light (Dana, Jiyeon [Lina] & SM Town)
My Christmas Story (Dana)
Silver Bell (IsakNJiyeon, Kangta & Hyesung)
Dear My Family (Dana, Jiyeon & SM Town)

SM Town Summer 2003 Album

Hello! Summer! (Dana, Jiyeon & SM Town)
(Jiyeon, FTTS, Lee Ji Hoon & HyunJin)
그림으로 떠나는 여행
(Dana, Jiyeon, Kangta, Lee Ji Hoon & Ji Hyun)
Dear My Friend

SM Town Summer 2004 Album
Snowflake (Dana, Jiyeon & SM Town)
I Dream of You (Jiyeon)
Be My Love (Dana)

SM Town Summer 2004 Album
Hotmail (Dana, Jiyeon [Lina] & SM Town)
해주고싶은 얘기 (IsakNJiyeon)
Fight to the End (CSJH The Grace)
Baby Come Tonight (Dana)

SM Town Summer 2006 Album

Red Sun (CSJH The Grace & SM Town)
Catch the Shooting Star (CSJH The Grace)

SM Town Winter 2006 Album

Snow Dream (CSJH The Grace & SM Town)
Dreams Come True
(CSJH The Grace)

SM Town Summer 2007 Album

Let's Go on a Trip (CSJH The Grace & SM Town)
Festival (CSJH The Grace)
Tie Clam Shells 조개껍질 묶어 (Lina, Sunday, BoA, Xiah Junsu, Max Changmin, Ryeowook, Yesung)
Under the Sea (Dana, Stephanie, Super Junior, Zhang LiYin)

SM Town Winter 2007 Album
Only Love (CSJH The Grace & SM Town)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad (CSJH The Grace)

Lina & Jaejoong - Scars Deeper than love @ SM Live Shanghai [MQ]

1st Single - Boomerang
2nd Single - The Club
3rd Single - Sweet Flower
4th Single - Juicy Love
5th Single - Piranha
6th Single - Stand Up People
7th Single - HERE//Cliff Edge

1st Album - Graceful 4
2nd Album - Dear...

Tribute to Subaru-Street Dance- Full Album (track list see Discography)

1st Single - Too Good
2nd Single - The Club
3rd Single - My Everything

Other Single
Digital Single - Someone Special (Sungmin, Dana, Lina)


1st Album - Hanbeonda, OK (One More Time, OK)

1st Single - Too Good (Chinese Version)

2001 Winter Album - Angel Eyes
2002 Summer Album - Summer Vacation
2002 Winter Album - My Angel, My Light
2003 Summer Album - Hello Summer!
2003 Winter Album - Snowflake
2004 Summer Album - Hotmail
2006 Summer Album - Red Sun
2006 Winter Album - Snow Dream
2007 Summer Album - Let's Go On A Trip!
2007 Winter Album - Only Love

Dana - Vol. 1: Until the End of the World
Dana - Vol. 2: Maybe

Sunday - 1st Japanese Single - Lira no Kataomoi (リラの片想い)
Sunday - 2nd Japanese Single - Usotsuki BOY (ウソツキBOY)


  1. Winged VoX Says:
    I just downloaded the Just Vocals posted up. That just amplifies their great voices by so much.
    Where did these come from?

  3. Miss Mango Says:
  4. WOW! thanks so much! really love 천상지희!:)

  5. May Says:
  6. Thanks a lot for sharing !!
    They have great voices !!
    I hope they will come back soon to Korea !

  7. Wow!!
    Thank you so much guys
    you guys are Jjang
    i can't found some CSJH's songs and found it here
    thank you so much
    TSZX jjang!
    Tenjochiki JJang!
    The Grace jjang!!!
    #ley jjang!!

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. oh my gooodd!!! i love you sooo much!! this is what i've been looking for (for years, it

    and the link is MEDIAFIRE!!! Mediafire is always be my best friend~ it's faster to download..^^

    thx soo much!!
    you're so diligent.. you even arrange into individual and zipped links...woooww~~ AMAZING!!

    keep up the good and hard work!! remember that SHAPLEY looveee you~~

  10. Thanks for sharing!!
    Good jobs~

  11. mayushii Says:
  12. 10z 4 sharing!!!

  13. I love these girls so much!
    Thank you for organizing such a neat download list.
    And thanks as well for uploading to mediafire.

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. Moonlight Legend Acapella Version

    this is the main theme for SAILOR MOON :)
    their voices are so heavenly

    it's me queenyoshin24@youtube

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. hey im not a memeber of eternal shapley but i really admire csjh the grace and im from tijuana baja california in mexico and i tried to download the song of " we wish a merry crishtmas & feliz navidad" and i couldnt. could you post a new link or something?? its just that i really want to download that song. Please!

  18. Chung Yeob Says:
  19. I can't download 'Coming to You' song file. When I try to download that file, the message comes out like below-"We can't find the file that you requested." Can you re-upload this file, please?




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