Posted by tenjo*affinity Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Summer!

First half of 2009 is almost officially over!

There haven't been as much updates, because of my real life--university. This semester has been really hard for me. Thankfully, it's now behind me and it's summer! I can take more time for this site now.

Tenjo*affinity has gone MIA, I haven't heard from her for almost a year now. So basically, I'm running the site all by myself. It's a really big job. Thankfully, my fellow staff in the Graceful 4 Network are there for me. I really appreciate them!

Besides the updates below (which aren't really that new, but I'm keeping them anyway, until I can find new stuff), I've added the Hangeul lyrics to the One More Time, OK? album as well as their credits. You might learn new stuff about the songs. Go check them out!

Other things on my to-do list are:

  1. Change the layout template theme to a quicker-to-load 2.0 theme. (If any of you are graphic artists and would like to help with the new graphics required with this, I'd appreciate it! Don't be surprised when this site will be unavailable for several days. Don't worry, I'll announce in TSZX News, Soompi, and LJ before I do that)
    Check. Hope you like it!
  2. Check and make sure all links are working. I see that everyone prefers MediaFire, I do too. I hope to have all the files working properly. If anyone would like to help with this, I'd appreciate it.
    Miku is working on them. Once summer classes are over I'll go through them and maybe do a bit of reorganizing.
  3. Provide a section for CSJH The Grace's English-subbed shows. (Still tentative, but in the works. Videos will be streamed through YouTube and other video-streaming sites for alternatives. Downloads will come in time, but don't expect them right away. The section will merely provide links for the videos. This should be available by the end of May or early June)
  4. Migrate gallery to Photobucket.
  5. Update All About The Grace.
  6. Re-organize Discography.
  7. Re-organize Downloads.
I will add more to the list, when more ideas come to mind.

Feel free to comment on this post if you have any suggestions.
I open the floor. ^^

Thank you all for your support!


Tribute to Subaru-Street Dance- Full Album (track list see Discography)
.001 .002 ]
many thanks to Cloud_Honey@BoAjjang

Graceful Party Full DVD rip [HQ]
Graceful Party Extra Movie- Behind the Scenes
[HQ: MF]
ripped by estelgrace

The Making of Subaru Movie [HQ: MF Folder]
many thanks to saltnpepper

Digital Single - Someone Special (Sungmin, Dana, Lina) *new*
(see Discography for track list)
Power (Sungmin, Dana, Lina)

last updated: 05-15-2009


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I can help with the checking & re-uploading. I have almost all the files of this blog, so there's no problem.
    Miku~ / Minakie

  3. estelgrace Says:
  4. Thanks Miku! ^^

    I'll contact you in LJ XD

  5. Wind BI Says:
  6. I downloaded graceful party rip but can't play music, video played but no sound.. can u update link? Or tell me what type audio is because my device said that type is not supported ...




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